Friday, July 19, 2013

All about Ossuaries

Chica and I have learned that it’s never good news when Mary and Lewis bring out the suitcases.

Sure enough they took off to Central Europe for two and a half weeks. Thankfully we got to stay in the house with cousin Ian dropping by daily to walk and feed us.

We were not particularly interested in hearing Mary and Lewis carrying on about places like Krakow, Budapest and Vienna after they got back. But we pricked up our ears when we heard of the ossuary they saw in Kutna Hora near Prague.

For those not in the know, an ossuary is a place where bones are kept. And being dogs we’re all about bones.

In this particular case a blind monk got creative and used bones to make garlands, chandeliers--even a coat of arms to decorate a chapel. No dogs allowed of course.

Now that they are back, Mary is again taking us for weekly walks in Brackenridge Park with the Belles. Hopefully she won’t get the wanderlust anytime soon. No bones about it!

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