Thursday, June 6, 2013

Of Dog Kisses and Seaborgium

A funny thing happened as my master and mistress were leaving on a trip last week. Of all things he tried to kiss me. Now Mary is a dog kisser from way back, but Lewis? It was so out of character that I panicked and lunged at him, growling. At that point, Mary (who had shamed him into the attempted buss) collapsed in hysterical laughter.

You can be assured that Lewis tried no such thing upon their return. Instead he nattered on and on to Mary about all the people and places they had seen. The pretext for the trip was his 50th college reunion at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa. But they prefaced the visit with a two-day-stay in Pittsburgh with cousins.

Turns out Pittsburgh is a real sleeper, filled with sights ranging from the Andy Warhol Museum to the Heintz History Center to the National Aviary. Nearby is Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, which Mary and Lewis visited enroute to Meadville.

In Meadville Lewis reveled in reconnecting with classmates, most of whom he hadn’t seen since graduation. Turned out the star of the class was a women who ended up earning a PhD in nuclear physics at MIT, discovering an element (Seaborgium), supervising defense work for the government, and in her spare time bareboat sailing the world over, writing a novel and winning national-level dressage awards.

Wonder if she’s a dog kisser?

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