Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brackenridge Belles in Bandera County

Once again Mary and the Brackenridge Belles gathered in the country to walk without us bitches. Last time it was at Pam’s South Texas spread near the Mexican border. This time it was at Mary’s little place in Bandera County.

While Lewis kept us dogs at home, where it rained incessantly, Mary and five lady friends had lunch at the storied Mac and Ernie's cafe in Tarpley, then drove up to Utopia and hiked in Lost Maples State Natural Area, where it was nice and sunny.

The next day the rain reached Tarpley, where the walk they had planned along the creek at Mary’s place became a slippy sloppy one. Fortunately no one fell and after slogging back to the house, they had an indoor picnic lunch before heading home in a driving rain.

It’s probably just as well they didn’t include us, though I would never admit that to Mary. Better to keep her feeling guilty so she will give us treats to compensate, no?

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